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Air Jet Spun Yarns for Low-Pill Knitted Fabrics

We provide air jet spun yarn, also known as MJS (Murata Jet Spinning) yarn, to the knitting trade. This technology allows the production of low-pill knitted fabrics with soft hand. For more information about this technology please visit Murata’s web-site at www.muratec.net.

Backing Yarns for Fleece

We provide backing yarns using 2.25 denier polyester fibers designed specifically for brushing or napping operations. Use of this fiber enables our customers to get a high quality pile with one pass napping.

Patterned Open End Slub Yarns

We have the technology to custom design effect yarns such as patterned slubs, rough-spun, etc. utilizing Amsler technology for OE spinning, as well as Schlafhorst Fancy Nation technology for OE spinning. These yarns have found wide-spread acceptance in the denim and upholstery markets. Our product development group has a great track record in making unique products for our customers.

Soft Spun

We provide OE yarns with superior softness and hand utilizing unique technology. These yarns are available for both the knitting and hosiery trades in standard counts.

Heather Yarns

We offer heather yarns made from both open end and Murata Jet Spinning (MJS) technologies. We have a variety of shades and blends available to suit our customer’s needs.